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How To Prevent Shoplifting And Other Business Security Tips In Jackson

December 03, 2021

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Safeguarding against criminal behavior is a big effort for most enterprises -- particularly for local shops. The truth of the matter is that not every business can handle the cost around-the-clock security professionals or other higher-priced anti-theft measures. However, there are some simple and cost-effective strategies to prevent shoplifting in Jackson to protect your bottom line.

Review these Jackson business security tips that are easy to implement and won’t discourage your regular clientele.

Invest In A Wireless Security Installation

A vital part of any wireless security system is having technology that you're capable of using when it's been installed. A configuration of wireless video cameras is a good place to start and can help keep a close watch of your store. It's best to use cameras that come equipped with wide-angle lenses, full HD resolution, infrared technology, and motion sensors to detect nefarious actions. Install a device in a high spot over your main door and enjoy a complete picture of your interior, but also have cameras pointed toward the point-of-sale equipment and storage area. These are known spots for petty criminals and will help your staff feel more secure when helping shoppers.

You can complete your store’s defense with sensors at the access points in your business. The ideal security package will offer around-the-clock monitoring, which will answer any alarm within seconds. You will also want a set up that uses a mobile app, so you have the ability to check on your business whenever you desire.

Put Up Notifications About Your Property’s Security

The leading Jackson business security tips are typically simple but valuable. To illustrate, putting up security notifications near the main entry of your location and close to the point-of-sale stations will usually be an unexpectedly powerful deterrent in preventing shoplifting. As a reputable business person, you should be forthright with patrons, team members, and distributors that your shop and goods are protected. And simply mentioning that your location is under surveillance might warn off a potential shoplifter from trying a a five-finger discount.

Control Entry To Certain Spaces With Smart Locking Systems

By restricting access to spaces like loading areas and stockrooms, you cut out a lot of ways that shoplifting might take place. A traffic door or saloon door flaps simply don’t work, as they can't be secured. However, if you incorporate a smart lock on your entryways, you can benefit from an extra layer of security for your off-limits areas. You might issue every single member of your team a unique code, so in the event they resign, you can remove their access number.

Insufficient Lighting and Crowded Displays Enhance The Risk Of Shoplifting

There’s a greater likelihood of shoplifting when prowlers have the opportunity to lurk in low-lit areas. Additionally, shoplifting goes up with crowded racks and bargain bins. Holiday specials and other sales are especially prone to displays that are hard to manage. You’re probably also aware that discounted products are frequently shoved on a back corner aisle, which makes them easy to slip into a purse without being seen.

In the event you have a rack with products constantly falling off, cut the quantity to 2/3rds. That may seem a bit much, but you will have the chance later to rearrange as you like. But, you are likelier to detect something amiss when you can easily see an unexpected opening in the display.

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Start Protecting Your Shop With A Proven Wireless Security System

If you’re thinking about implementing wireless security for your Jackson store, you should get a package with advanced tech including high-def surveillance. Our Vivint experts can customize the perfect system for your unique specifications and precisely place all your devices to properly defend your location. Simply dial (601) 607-9990 or submit the form below.